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Results For Spring 2010                                                                             Fall Results

Northeast Poultry Congress/ ABA National

Silkie Bearded-Open  White RV, 1st Pullet, 1st Cockeral   Splash-BV,1st Cockeral   

Lavender-BV           Isobel Porcelain-BV

Bantam White Wyandotte-Open BV 

Bantam Silverlaced Wyandotte-JR BB,RB,BV,RV

Silkie Bearded Black-JR BV       Partridge-JR RB,BV,RV

Call Duck  Grey-JR RV


Susquehanna Poultry Club

Silkie Bearded-Blue RV , JR Champion Featherleg      Partridge-BV,RV

Porcelain-RV      Lavender-BV,RV, Best AOV Silkie (Lavender Pullet)

Bantam Columbian Wyandotte-BV,RB

Bantam Silverlaced Wyandotte-BV,BB,Reserve JR RCCL

Blue Magpie Duck-BV,BB,Champion Light Weight Duck,Reserve Champion Duck,    JR Champion Waterfowl

Sebastopol Goose-BV,BB,Champion Meduim Goose

Call Duck Grey-BV,RV    Snowy-RV

Serama- RB

Delmarva Poultry Fanciers

Silkie Bearded-Lavender BV,RV

Bantam Silverlaced Wyandotte-BV,BB

Bantam Columbian Wyandotte-BV

Sebastopol Goose-BV,Champion Medium Goose,JR Reserve Champion Waterfowl

Call Duck White-JR Champion Waterfowl

York County Poultry Fanciers

Bantam Silverlaced Wyandotte-BV,RV,RB JR Reserve Champion RCCL

Bantam Columbian Wyandotte-BV

Blue Magpie Duck-BV,BB Champion Light Duck   

Bearded Silkie White-BV,RB                                                                        

                      Blue -BV,RV


Pigeon-Racing Homer-JR Champion & Reserve Sporting Pigeon

Southern Ohio Poultry Breeders

Silkie Bearded-White BV,BB,Jr Champion Featherleg


Call Duck Grey-BV

Blue Magpie Duck-BV,BB,Jr Champion Light Duck

Bantam Silverlaced Wyandotte-RV                                                                                                                                 

Twin Tiers Poultry Club

Silkie Bearded-Splash-BV,BB,Jr Champion Featherleg,Best Jr Silkie

                      Blue-BV,Reserve Jr Silkie


Bantam Silverlaced Wyandotte-BV,RV,Reserve Jr Champion RCCL

Call Duck-Grey-Best Jr Call,Jr Champion Bantam Duck,Reserve Jr Champion Waterfowl

Eastern New York State Poultry Association

Silkie Bearded White-RB,RV




Bantam Silverlaced Wyandotte-BV,RV

Call Duck White-BB,BV,Champion Bantam Duck,Reserve Duck


Southern Ohio Poultry Association

Bearded Silkie Blue-BV



                      Partridge-Jr BV, Open BV


Non Bearded White-BV,RV

Bantam White Wyandotte-RV

Bantam Silverlaced Wyandotte-BB,BV

Sussex County Poultry Fanciers Association

Bantam Black Wyandotte-BV,RV,Reserve Champion RCCL

Bantam White Wyandotte-BV,RV

Sebastopol Goose White-BB,BV,Champion Medium Goose, Champion Jr Goose

Call Duck White-BB,BV,Open Champion Bantam Duck,Jr Champion Bantam,Champion Waterfowl,Jr Champion Waterfowl

Call Duck grey-RB,BV,Jr Reserve Champion Bantam Duck,Reserve Champion Bantam Duck

Call Duck Snowy-RV

Pigeon-Racing Homer-BB,BV,Jr Champion Sport,Champion Overall Sport,Champion Pigeon,Grand Champion Jr Pigeon, Overall Grand Champion Pigeon












Results Spring 2009                                                                                                                Results Fall 2009

Southern Ohio Poultry Association

Call Duck White-JR BV,BB, Champion Bantam Duck,JR Reserve Champion Waterfowl

Bantam Silverlaced Wyandotte-JR BV,RV

Silkie Bearded White- JR BV,BB,Reserve Champion Featherleg        Partridge-BV     Blue-RV

Sussex County Poultry Fanciers

Call Duck White-Open RB, JR BV,BB,Reserve Bantam Duck

Bantam Silverlaced Wyandotte-JR BV,RV,BB,Champion RCCL

Slikie Bearded Blue-BV,RV

Delmarva Poultry Fanciers

Call Duck White-JR Champion Bantam Duck,Jr Champion Waterfowl

Bantam Silverlaced Wyandotte-BV,RV,BB,JR Reserve RCCL

Silkie Bearded White-RV,RB        Blue-BV,RV        Black-BV

York County Poultry Fanciers

Call Duck White-BV,BB,Champion Bantam Duck,Reserve Champion Waterfowl

Bantam Silverlaced Wyandotte-BV.RV,BB,RB,JR Champion RCCL

Silkie Bearded Partridge-BV,JR Champion Featherleg      White- RV        Blue-BV

Susquehanna Poultry Club

Call Duck White-BV,RV,BB,RB,Champion Bantam Duck,Reserve Champion Bantam Duck,                    JR Champion Waterfowl

Bantam Silverlaced Wyandotte-BV,RV,BB,RB

Silkie Bearded White-RV,RB, JR Reserve Grand Show Champion      Blue-BV

Mid Valley Poultry Fanciers

Call Duck White-JR BV,RV,Champion Bantam Duck, Champion Waterfowl, Grand Show Champion

Bantam Silverlaced Wyandotte- JR BV,RV,BB,Champion RCCL

Silkie Bearded Blue-BV,RV,BB,Champion Bantam,Champion Featherleg,Reserve Grand Show Champion         White-BV,RB               Partridge-BV




Southern Ohio Poultry Association

Bantam Silverlaced Wyandotte-JR RB,BV,RV

Silkie Bearded Partridge-JR BV

Blue Magpie Duck-JR Champion Light Duck,BB,BV

Virginia Poultry Breeders

Call Duck White-BV,RV,RB,JR Champion Waterfowl,Res Champion Waterfowl

Bantam Silverlaced Wyandotte-Open BB,BV,JR Reserve Champion RCCL

Bantam White Wyandotte-BV,RV

Bantam Coulmbian Wyandotte-BV

Silkie Bearded Black-BV,JR Champion Featherleg       Blue-RV      Partridge-RV

Blue Magpie Duck-BB,BV,Reserve Champion Light Duck

Sebastopol Goose-BB,RB,Reserve Campion Medium Goose

Ohio National

Bantam Silverlaced Wyandotte-JR BV,RV

Silkie Bearded Black-JR BV

Bantam Columbian Wyandotte-Open BV, Best AOV

Blue Magpie Duck-JR BB,BV

Maryland State Poultry Fanciers

Call Duck White-JR BV,BB,Reserve Champion Bantam Duck,Reserve Champion Waterfowl

Call Duck Grey-JR BV

Bantam Silverlaced Wyandotte-Open BV,BB  JR BV,RV,BB,RB,Champion RCCL

Bantam Coulmbian Wyandotte-Open BV

Silkie Bearded Black-JR BV,RB          Partridge-JR BV,RV

Sebastopol Goose-JR BB,RB,Champion Medium Goose, Res Champion Medium Goose

TwinTiers Poultry Club

Call Duck  White-Jr Champion Bantam Duck

Silkie Bearded Partridge-BV

Bantam Silverlaced Wyandotte-BV,RV, JR Champion RCCL

Sussex County Poultry Fanciers

Call Duck Grey-JR Champion Waterfowl,Champion Bantam Duck

Bantam Silverlaced Wyandotte-JR BB,RB,BV,RV, Reserve Champion RCCL

Bantam Columbian Wyandotte-Open BV,RV

Silkie Bearded Black- JR RV            Partridge-JR RV

Blue Magpie Duck-JR RB,RV,Reserve Champion Light Duck

Year End Totals

White Call Ducks- 7 BV,3RV,5BB,6 Champion Bantam Duck,3 Res Bantam Duck,5 Champion Waterfowl,3 Res Champ Waterfowl,1 Grand Show Champion

Grey Call Ducks- 1 BV,1 Champion Waterfowl,JR Champion Bantam Duck

Bearded Silkie- 18 BV,11RV,2BB,3RB,2 JR Champion Featherleg,1 Res Featherleg, 1 JR Champion Bantam,2 JR Res Grand Show Champion





Bantam Silverlace Wyandotte- 13 BV,11 RV,9 BB,5 RB,5 JR Champion RCCL,3 JR Res Champion RCCL

Bantam Columbian Wyandotte- 4BV,1 RV, 1 Best AOV

Bantam White Wyandotte- 1 BV, 1 RV

Sebastopol Goose- 2 BB, 2 RB, 1 JR Champion Medium Goose, 2 Res Champ Meduim Goose

Blue Magpie Duck- 3 BV,1RV,3 BB,1 RB,1 JR Champion Light Duck,2 Res Champ Light Duck

Results Spring  2008                                                                                                              Results Fall 2008                                 

 Southern Ohio Poultry Association

Bantam Silverlaced Wyandotte-JR BV,RV

Silkie Bearded Black-JR RB,BV,RV    Blue - JR BV

Sussex County Poultry Fanciers

Call Duck White-JR BB,RB,BV,RV, Champion Bantam Duck,Res Champ Bantam Duck,Champion Waterfowl,Reserve Grand Show Champion

Call Duck Chocolate-JR BV,RV

Bantam Silverlaced Wyandotte-JR BB,BV,RV, Champion RCCL

Silkie Bearded Black-JR BB,BV       Blue - JR RB,BV

Delmarva Poultry Fanciers

Call Duck Chocolate- BV,RV

Silkie Bearded Black-BV

York County Poultry Fanciers

Call Duck White-BB,RB,BV,RV,Champion Bantam Duck,Reserve Bantam Duck,JR Champion Waterfowl,JR Reserve Champion Waterfowl

Call Duck Chocolate-BV,RV

Silkie Bearded Black-RB,BV      Blue-BV

Harford County Farm Fair

Call Duck White-BB,RB,BV,RV,Champion Bantam Duck, Reserve Bantam Duck,Champion Waterfowl,Reserve Waterfowl,Grand Show Champion

Bantam Silverlaced Wyandotte-BB,BV,RV,Champion RCCL

Black Magpie Duck-BV

Silkie Bearded-Black-RB,BV,Reserve Champion Featherleg     Blue-BV     Splash-BV,RV

White-BB,BV,RV,Champion Featherleg,Reserve Champion Bantam,Reserve Grand Show Champion


Southern Ohio Poultry Association

Bantam Silverlaced Wyandotte-JR BV

Silkie Bearded Blue-JR RV       Splash -JR BV      White-JR BB,BV,RV

Virginia Poultry Breeders

Call Duck  White-RB,BV,RV,JR Champion Bantam Duck,JR Res  Champion Bantam Duck,JR Champion Waterfowl

Bantam Silverlaced Wyandotte-BV

Silkie Bearded Black-BV         Blue BV,RV         Splash-BB,BV,Open Reserve Featherleg,Jr Champion Featherleg            White-RV, JR Reserve Featherleg

York County Poultry Fanciers

Call Duck White- BB,BV,RV, Open Champion Bantam Duck,Champion Bantam,JR Champion Waterfowl, JR Grand Champion

Bantam Silverlaced Wyandotte-RB,RV

Silkie Bearded Black-BV       Blue-RV      Splash-BV       White-BB,BV,Open Reserve Champion Featherleg

Maryland State Poultry Fanciers

Call Duck White-JR BB,RB,BV,RV,Champion Bantam Duck, Res Champion Bantam Duck

Bantam Silverlaced Wyandotte-JR BB,BV,Reserve Champion RCCL

Silkie Bearded Black-JR RB,BV            Blue-JR BV,RV           White-JR BV,RV         Partridge - JR BV             Splash- JR BB,BV.RV,JR Reserve Champion Featherleg

TwinTiers Poultry Club

Bantam Silverlaced Wyandotte-BV,Best AOV Wyandotte

Silkie Bearded White-BB,BV,Open Reserve Champion Featherleg,JR Champion Featherleg,                JR Reserve Champion Bantam                   Splash- BV      Columbian - BV



 Year End Totals

Awarded by National Call Breeders of America

JR MASTER EXHIBITOR # 26 to Brody Miskimon

White Call Ducks- 5 BB, 3 RB,6 BV,6RV,6 Champ Bantam Duck,5 Reserve Bantam Duck, 3 Champion Bantam, 4 Champion Waterfowl,2 Reserve Champion Waterfowl, 2 Best JR Bantam Duck,1 Reserve Grand Champion, 2 Grand Champion

Chocolate Call-3BV,3RV

Bearded Silkie-7BB,1 Champion Featherleg,4 Res Champion Featherleg,2 Best JR Featherleg,1 Res JR Featherleg, 1 Reserve JR Bantam,1 Reserve Champion Bantam,1Reserve Grand Champion     

Black-8 BV,1 RV






Bantam Silverlaced Wyandotte-5 BB,1RB,9 BV,6 RV, 2 Champion RCCL, 1 Reserve Champion RCCL, 1 Best AOV Wyandotte

Magpie Duck Black-2 BV